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A new double degree in law with the American University of Cincinnati

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Prior to the signature of the double degree agreement between the University of Bordeaux and the University of Cincinnati - now open to students from the Faculty of Law and Political Science - Master student Lorette Pouhet was awarded a scholarship to test the appeal of the course. Read on for her enthusiastic account.

Photo : Lorette Pouhet, 7th from the right, with other international students @ University of Cincinnati
Lorette Pouhet, 7th from the right, with other international students @ University of Cincinnati

The University of Bordeaux now offers a two-year double degree: a Master degree from the Faculty of Law and Political Science and an LLM (Master of Law) in American Law from the University of Cincinnati (USA). This double degree is open to students enrolled in the international law or the advanced criminal law Master programmes wishing to internationalise their careers.

The opportunity to study at Cincinnati not only enables students to qualify for a degree that is often required by foreign law firms, but also allows them to acquire unique linguistic and legal skills.

At Cincinnati, students are required to take introductory courses in American law and legal methodology, before specialising in various subjects such as international arbitration and American criminal procedure. To enable students to build up an international network, a large number of meetings with practitioners (judges, lawyers, prosecutors, etc.) are scheduled, and internships are also possible during the year. LLM students can also take part in the Ohio Innocence Project, a legal clinic that helps wrongfully convicted people prove their innocence.

Testimony of Lorette Pouhet

First-year Master student

"I heard about the LLM thanks to Carine Berthe, head of the International Mobility Office at the Faculty of Law and Political Science. I'd always wanted to study American law after completing my double degree in law and languages at the University of Tours. After the LLM was presented to me by the programme director, Nora Burke Wagner, I decided to apply. I was encouraged by the possibility of obtaining a scholarship thanks to the agreement between Bordeaux and Cincinnati, as the cost of studying in the United States is much higher than in France.

My year at law school was fascinating: I learnt a lot about the world of law and about myself.

I followed a number of public law subjects, including constitutional law, immigration law, critical race theory, contemporary problems in constitutional law and criminal procedure... Teachings were based on the Socratic method, just like our law tutorials in France. There are no lectures; you have to prepare each class. My professors were remarkable, and particularly accessible. Each week, they set aside time for us to ask questions about their lessons. Their expertise and dedication enriched my university experience enormously.

As far as campus life is concerned, the law school and the student associations very often organise events, student evenings and numerous conferences to enable us to meet well-known professionals or introduce us to possible career paths. I had the opportunity to attend Trial Court hearings as well as Federal Court hearings for the District of Cincinnati.

I learnt to cope and solve problems in a system completely different from the French one and in another language. And I was able to meet students from all over the world and discover their culture."

Law campus © University of Cincinnati
Law campus © University of Cincinnati

Studying on another continent is particularly inspiring!