Estèle Jouison: Vice-President for career guidance and integration

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Estèle Jouison, lecturer in entrepreneurship and management science, was appointed Vice-President for career guidance and integration in February 2022 by Dean Lewis, President of the University of Bordeaux.

Photo : Estèle Jouison © Arthur Pequin
Estèle Jouison © Arthur Pequin

When Estèle Jouison was following a "Book Trade - Publishing" university diploma at the Bordeaux Montaigne University Institute of Technology, she discovered management sciences. She chose to pursue her studies in that field at University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV. In particular, she devoted her studies to entrepreneurship, obtaining an Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in 2004, then in 2008, she defended her doctoral thesis, which examined the usefulness of business models in the context of entrepreneurial support.
Welcomed as a temporary teaching and research assistant (ATER) in the Marketing Techniques department of the Bordeaux Institute of Technology, Estèle Jouison joined the team in 2009 as a lecturer. She became involved in a variety of activities inherent to the department's operations and support provided to students (co-head of the work-study DUT and the vocational Bachelor degree in International Business Project Management, in charge of recruitment then project tutorship, and student association supervision). She has also participated in cross-disciplinary projects within the Institute of Technology (Summercamp, Marathon de la création, 3R training project, etc.), especially in connection with the Coh@bit FabLab activities, for which she has been the head since 2019.

As an active member of the entrepreneurial team of IRGO (Research Institute in Management of Organisations) in the ECOR (Behaviour, organisations and policy evaluation) department, Estèle Louison's research focuses on the business model, support for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship teaching methods, in particular the development of entrepreneurial skills.
In that framework, she participated in the GRP-Lab (IdEx) development project, and for the past fifteen years has been involved in student entrepreneurship (ranging from undergraduate to Doctorate degrees, from awareness to support), which will be within the scope of her vice-presidency.
She is also committed to societal and environmental transitions at the university level, in her research work as well as with students: participating in the working groups that led to the Transitions Roadmap, involved in the student COP2, a member of the network of transitions advisers, organising the Climate Fresk, etc.
Estèle Jouison was appointed Vice-President for career guidance and integration of the University of Bordeaux in February 2022.

Each student's trajectory is unique. During my term in office, I want to encourage and support initiatives that will develop each of our students' ability to find their way, to develop their portfolio of skills and to make choices that will allow them to flourish in their studies and later in their professional lives. Providing them with support is our responsibility.

Estèle Jouison, Vice-President for career guidance and integration

Key dates

2001: Diploma in Book Trade - Publishing / Bookshops, Institute of Technology, Bordeaux-Montaigne University

2003: Master degree in management sciences, University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV

2004: Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) in management sciences, University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV

2008: Doctorate in management sciences, University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV

2009: Lecturer in entrepreneurship, Bordeaux Institute of Technology

Since 2019: Head of the Coh@bit FabLab, University of Bordeaux

2020-2022: Academic delegate for entrepreneurship

2022: Vice-President for career guidance and integration, University of Bordeaux

Mission Statement - Estèle Jouison (in French)

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