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The University of Bordeaux publishes its first SDG report

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As an extension of its strategic roadmap of 24 commitments in favour of transitions and to promote the efforts already undertaken on an international scale, the university has published a first report on its actions in the light of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

The University of Bordeaux has been committed to environmental and societal transitions for many years, determined to become an international reference in terms of sustainability and responsibility. After drawing up an initial strategic roadmap including 24 commitments, followed by the obtention of the "Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility" label (Développement durable et responsabilité sociétale - DD&RS), specific to French higher education and research establishments, the University of Bordeaux has now decided to highlight its many achievements in favour of transitions in a report that meets the international standard set by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

This report details all actions undertaken in all areas of the university's activity, from training courses to research laboratories, including campus life and the organisation of its workforce. The report includes key figures and practical examples that illustrate the combined efforts of the entire university community in making these changes. Reflecting the progress that has already been made, this report also sheds light on the areas that still need to be addressed in order to meet the rapidly increasing climatic and societal challenges.

The new presidential team, which I have been leading since 2022, has decided to accelerate its efforts in favour of transitions in order to strengthen the establishment's capacity for action and to share its ambition with all its partners in the region.

Dean Lewis, President of the University of Bordeaux

Report on the University of Bordeaux's Sustainable Development Goals 2022-2023

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