Éric Papon: Socio-economic and industrial sectors mission officer

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Éric Papon, professor of chemistry, was appointed mission officer for the University of Bordeaux's socio-economic and industrial sectors in February 2022 by President Dean Lewis.

Photo : Eric Papon © Arthur Pequin
Eric Papon © Arthur Pequin

Appointed as a lecturer in 1992, then professor in 2001 at Bordeaux INP, Éric Papon taught organic chemistry with a specific focus on polymers and developed an activity on adhesion sciences, his widely recognised scientific trademark, with applications in the industrial field. In 2011, he took over the management of the Carnot Institute MIB (Materials and Systems Institute of Bordeaux > in French), a label granted to 9 University of Bordeaux laboratories united by their proven ability to respond effectively to industrial demand, to manage a contractual relationship professionally and to renew their scientific potential.

Drawing on that experience, in 2012 he became Vice-President of the scientific board of University Bordeaux I with the aim of fostering the development of research and supporting innovation. He co-directed the research committee during the university merger process.

Innovation became one of the priorities of the University of Bordeaux, and Manuel Tunon de Lara appointed Éric Papon Vice-President for innovation, then Vice-President for innovation and business relations in 2018.

In addition to his university responsibilities, he has contributed to the integration of the Research Development and Innovation Vice-Presidents within the Research Vice-Presidents network of France Universités (Conference of University Presidents), which he has co-led for the past two years. Honorary President of the Société Française de l'Adhésion, he has also been President of the ANR LabCom committee since November 2021 and has just been appointed Innovation Advisor of France Universités in April 2022.

Dean Lewis, elected President of the University of Bordeaux in February 2022, appointed him mission officer for socio-economic and industrial sectors.

Positioning the University of Bordeaux as a player and partner in the development of the industrial and socio-economic sectors.

Éric Papon, mission officer for Socio-economic and industrial sectors

Key dates

2011: Director of the Carnot Institute (MIB), Bordeaux

2012: Vice-President of the scientific board of University Bordeaux I 

2014: Vice-President for innovation, University of Bordeaux

2018: Vice-President for innovation and business relations, University of Bordeaux

2020: President of the LabCom ANR committee

2022: Innovation advisor of France Universités

Mission Statement - Eric Papon (in French)

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